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All Teaching staff hold current DBS disclosures, and we always have a qualified first aider on site.


Singing is an act of producing musical sounds with the voice.

At MainStage we sing in specified age groups as a choir of singers with different voice ranges. Nearly anyone able to speak can sing (the more naturally gifted won’t need as much guidance). Excellence on singing may require time, if practice is done on a regular basis, then the sounds are to be more clear, strong and controlled. Often solos and duets will be given to help improve confidence. Vocal coaching at MainStage includes:


Vocal Projection                                    Increased Range

Breath Control                                      Vocal Stamina

Stage Presence                                     Articulation

Vocal Tone                                             Pitch Correction


As well as this, harmonisation will always be used to help with listening skills, concentration and working together as a team. These points will always be brought up in class, but if you would like your child to learn more in further detail, then I would highly recommend Private Singing Lessons to get the most out of their singing ability.


For more information on private singing lessons, contact the office

Where & When...

Singing classes are taught Saturdays Queen Elizabeth School, Blandfold Road, Wimborne Minster, Dorset. BH21 4DT

Please visit our TIMETABLE page for and up to date schedule of classes

Private singing classes


Private singing classes run on Wednesdays & Saturdays


Wednesdays at The Broadstone War Memorial Hall, Tudor Rd, Broadstone BH18 8AW.

Saturdays at Queen Elizabeth School, Blandfold Road, Wimborne Minster, Dorset. BH21 4DT



The cost of a private singing lesson is £15 for 30 mins.

Please email the Mainstage office for availability.


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