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Lost in Neverland...



15 - 17 FEBRUARY 2018

A wish lost on the wind swept into this magical land we'll visit all areas of the island and all of its characters catching just a glimpse into each of their lives.  A Lullaby in the nursery sends us of to sleep. A fairy comes in to take a peek!

She sprinkles fairy dust on everyone around, and before we know it we’re flying over London Town straight to that magical land so hold on tight, just a whoosh beyond the second star to the right!


We arrive here on the Neverland shores, where we are greeted by something we’ve never seen before. A magical pool of mermaids playing and having fun, basking in the glorious neverland sun.


The peace doesn’t last long before a group of stomping Pirates come by, splish splashing sploshing, with Jolly dance moves they like.

But those swamp stomping pirates better look out, cos tick tock Crocs are crawling about.


Time now to meet those kids who’ll never grow up! These rapping toe tapping wild kids have got a cool look. Things calm down in the camp and the boys tell the tale of their never leader and all their adventures.


The day dawns and their is a magical glow in the air, we all know what these are, the fairies are there! Granting wishes and spreading their dust until dawn.


Morning comes and it’s off to work, who’s up first in Neverland?! The Racoons of course! Digging that dirt with a gospel vibe!

From the ground to the sky and it’s the early birds catching he worm! What a fabulously feathery display! A marvellous Kiki all through the day!!


From the trees to the clouds to the magic up there, let’s take a look at the unicorns in the air. Spending their day in the fluffy clouds helping the fairy dust keep raining down. Now who’s that girl on the hill all alone?! Singing that song to a boy we all know. Such a sweet voice but it doesn’t last long before the marching of Indians is where we are drawn.

Feathers in their hair, we hear their Indian cry, marching in the dust as they happily go by. But careful now rowdy Indians, don’t chop down that tree, because that’s the home of someone who’s friends to you and me. It looks as if they’ve got some work to do of their own. Time to practice some brand new spell in their tiny tree house Home.


Looks like we’ve reached the end of another Never day. Let’s check back in on those lost boys and ask if we can play!

They are set for an adventure! There’s pirates to be found! Best come back later to Pirate Bay we’re bound!!!


Hear the cry from the Indian clan, dancing in the desert just because they can! Circling around their totems and tipis, tapping and singing and scaring off creepies!

Oops took a wrong turn, better go back. Lost in the forest, lost in the branches all spooky and black. Quick better run I can hear rattling bones, oh it’s what I thought, dancing skeletons! 

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