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Welcome to MainStage School of Performing Arts! We are committed in providing professional, high quality and inspiring instruction in all areas of the performing arts. We believe that atmosphere and environment is paramount in the success of any teaching establishment. Therefore, we have worked hard to create a positive, encouraging, focused and supportive atmosphere, whilst making sure the most important aspect of all is a constant throughout, fun!
To register for MainStage is easy! Click the link below to find out more and to download the registration form to apply.
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To join MainStage is easy. Simply email your interest and we’ll contact you regarding your FREE trial class. Come and meet the team and other students to experience our fun and friendly atmosphere for yourself!
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Children make friends with MainStage and go on to star in our very own production shows.
Whether students are attending purely for fun and exercise, or working toward a potential future professional career in the arts, we strive to instil many different qualities including; confidence, self expression, creativity and discipline, all of which are important personal qualities for any young person to attain.
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At MainStage we recognise that every student is an individual. We are always looking to help their natural abilities and talents flourish, whilst guiding them through new techniques and concepts that will broaden their vocabulary and underpin the foundations of their skill set.
In order to inspire and educate our students further, we offer many unique insights into professional levels of performance and production. Whether it's working with teachers with years of professional performing experience, exclusive workshop classes with current starring West End performers, or chances to perform in professional productions themselves, all of our students will have plenty of opportunities to have their eyes opened wide and be truly inspired by the World of performing arts!
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Join us!

Sign up for your FREE TRIAL CLASS today and join the many happy students already enjoying MainStage school of Performing Arts!
We look forward to meeting you.
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Ballet Class
Tap Class
Drama Class
Singing Class
Musical Theatre
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Email MainStage now and enquire about your FREE trial class!